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Reiki brings grounding, clarity & peace

Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEY) is a natural, safe and gentle healing modality that utilizes the laying of hands. Reiki is universal life energy that is guided through attuned practitioners. Reiki works to restore the natural energetic balance in a person’s body by channeling positive energy from the practitioner to the recipient. 

benefits of reiki

Benefits may help improve mental, physical, and emotional health. According to the Centre of Excellence, the main benefit of Reiki is the “shared meditation that brings mindfulness and tranquility to both parties, regardless of the specific goals in the treatment.”

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dna activation

dna activation

DNA Activation is a new energetic modality that focuses on your Spiritual and Cosmic strands of DNA. This DNA considered our “junk DNA”, or rather non-functional DNA, is a living data storage containing the instruction set for our greater human potential. Activating the DNA will allow you to connect to your soul and shift your consciousness in this life. 

DNA Activation is a lot like distance reiki. A DNA Activation practitioner can remotely channel into your energy, and tap into your DNA through a meditation. An Activation will include removing energetic blocks called tags and seals on the DNA, while receiving messages through your Ascended Masters, Guides and Angels. The DNA is energetically restored through Reiki and activated through light language.
Not a whole lot. I inform each client what days I will be doing the activation. It is important to drink lots of water on the activation days because energy work can be draining energetically and physically. I ask that clients refrain from drinking alcohol a couple days before each activation.

This will depend on the person and it varies. To be honest, when I received the 24 strand DNA Activation, I did not feel a thing. It took me a couple weeks to feel a bit more energetic and motivated. It wasn’t until I did my first Reiki session after the DNA Activation, that I could feel more energy go through me.

I was trained through Laureen and Shakisha, the masterminds behind The Woo Collective.  Please note, that I do get a referral fee if you. If I have referred you to become a practitioner and you have not used the above link, please let Laureen and Shakisha know.

Here's what you can expect during the DNA Activation...

24 strand dna activation

48 strand dna activation

DNA Activation

1-24 Strands

DNA Activation

25-48 Strands

DNA Activation

All 48 Strands (over a month or so)
thai massage

Thai Massage

Incorporating yoga poses with a full body massage

I learned Thai Massage from Francisco Morales-Bermudez, who has been practicing since 1998. Francisco is also the founder of Synergy Yoga, known for their partner yoga, and is a master Thai Massage Therapist. This modality is very different from other massages. Clients lie on the floor as I use my body to help stretch and release tension. Although this is still relaxing, Thai massage not only goes deep into the muscles, it allows movement into the body in order to release stagnant energy. 

benefits of thai massage

Thai Massage with Corinne

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DNA Activation

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dna activation