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I AM CURRENTLY ONLY OFFERING IN-PERSON YOGA: Join me Fridays @ 10:30a.m. at Spray Lakes Family Sports Centre


balance the mind, body & energy

At this time, I will only be offering yoga classes online for groups and private sessions. The zoom classes offered are intended to establish stability, connection, self-care, and harmony during these turbulent times.

6 Week Session starting September 21, 2020

6 Week Session: 1 class = $75  |  2 classes = $120

monday morning flow yoga

9:00 a.m. MST

Each week will be unique as we explore and focus on different areas of our body. We will learn to move from pose to pose using our breath as we work on strength, balance and mobility.

friday evening yang/yin yoga

7:00 p.m. MST

Balancing the Yang and Yin energies, the class will begin with Yang, allowing more movement and flow through postures. Yin is the quiet practice of long held poses, relaxing the nervous system and quieting the mind. The stillness enhances the flow of energy, promoting the health of our body, mind & spirit. 

morning & evening yoga

9:00 a.m. | 7:00 p.m. MST

Flowing through two classes a week is good for the body, mind and soul, and creates clarity as we progress throughout the week. Our society is very Yang-based, and sometimes it’s nice to allow ourselves to flow and move as well as take the time to slow down and relax. 

The practices of yoga that I teach are designed to help you move your body and notice how it feels within. This allows you to be present and focus on your breath. I guide you to move and grow within yourself as you work your mind, body and spirit.  The classes are geared toward beginner to advanced yogis. I offer modifications and will also challenge you. Please note, I will not be teaching arm balances or technical inversions during online sessions as I feel in-person training is important when it come sto more advanced poses. 

Worried about missing a class or want a copy for future reference? All classes will be recorded via Zoom and download links will be provided to all participants. 

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New to yoga?

If you haven’t taken a yoga class with Corinne before, try this complimentary yoga video.


balance mind, body, energy

Join the 6 Week Session beginning Sept. 21, 2020

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