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Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Experience

Expect the Unexpected

Akashic Records Readings

The Akashic Experience

90 minutes (min) – 120 minutes (max) – $150

An experience for your mind, body and soul. No two sessions will be alike and it will be a “surprise” as to what happens in a session.

What does an Akashic Records Experience entail?

You will receive an Akashic Records reading, and some sort of energy work – Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Sound bath, yoga or a combination of modalities. Some people have had a reading with a Reiki session; a reading with a Reiki session and sound bowls; while others had readings with a Reiki session and Thai Yoga massage.

There may be times when a longer Akashic Records reading is necessary instead of a having Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage or a sound bath. Your soul will know what it needs and will guide us on this experience. After all, magic happens when you’re least expecting it!


She is kind hearted, and genuine. Corinne is a gifted healer.

I recently had a combo session with Corinne that consisted of an Akashic Records reading with Reiki. To prepare for our session together, she asked me to bring of a few questions that I could ask in the Akashic reading. When I arrived, I was welcomed with a big warm hello. She explained how the two sessions would work, and compliment each other together. I liked how we opened sacred space together before the session and closed the space together afterwards. Once the sacred space was opened, Corinne quickly and easily entered the Akashic Records. She could easily articulate what she was seeing. A lot of it made sense to me, based on the questions I had. Once the records were read, Reiki was added in to assist in clearing and healing the traumas I had endured in other lives, and had carried over into this life. Corinne’s touch is gentle, and I automatically felt safe and trustful during my Reiki session. At the end we had a little debrief, and she recommend a few things I could do, to assist my healing journey.

– Carol G.

You can truly see Corinne’s passion and enthusiasm when reading the Records!

My Akashic Records reading with Corinne was exactly what I needed. My reading from her came at the perfect time – right after an incident that left me licking my wounds. She was able to offer some essential guidance in the aftermath of a tough situation and gave me some really great pieces of wisdom that were exactly what needed I to hear in that moment.

She’s such a bright light. Thank you so so much for such a wonderful reading.

– Robyn S.

I left the session feeling more connected with myself!

I brought the question of not being able to give or receive love to my session. Corinne was able to tap into one of my past lives where I had made a vow that blocked my heart from being hurt. I carried that vow into this lifetime. She was bale to remove that vow through Reiki during my session, healing the wound that created another lifetime ago. I left feeling cracked wide open and not afraid to open my heart. 

Corinne has a genuine gift and a deep desire to be of service. 

– Kati P.

Akashic Reading

Akashic Reading

60 minutes – $120

Are you feeling lost, or unsure about events or situations occurring in your life? Relationship questions? Are you questioning your purpose in life or career aspirations? This session may bring some clarity to your life or to pertinent questions you may have been asking yourself lately.

An Akashic Reading is not a “fortune-telling” or psychic reading. Rather, an Akashic Records reading allows you to connect to yourself on a deeper level through learning about your soul and the experiences it wants to share with you. A reading may help provide insight and guidance on changing past beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors. 

It may also empower you to make changes or may encourage you, even if you have doubts. 

Whatever the outcome of the reading, you may feel a bit more empowered or have a clearer understanding of what your soul wants or needs from you at this moment. 

You are encouraged to ask questions, there are no right or wrong questions. Sometimes the questions you ask may not always have answers as an emotional or energetic clearing may be required or needed before receiving answers. 

The clearer the questions, the more precise the answers. You can ask anything from relationships, career/work, family, life purpose and direction, influences from past lives, etc. Asking questions with “how,” “what,” or “why” are great ways to peel back the layers within addressed areas. 

Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Records

Expect the Unexpected

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