Akashic Yoga

clarity, positivity & peaceful endurance


Akashic Yoga

Balance the mind, body & energy

The practices of yoga that I teach are designed to help you move your body and notice how it feels within. This allows you to be present and focus on your breath. I guide you to move and grow within yourself as you work your mind, body and spirit.  The classes are geared toward beginner to advanced yogis. I offer modifications and will also challenge you. 

A combination of an Akashic Records reading and a Yoga session

Learn how to open the Akashic Records for yourself and practice a yoga sequence while in the Akashic field. You may start to hear, see, sense, or know messages about yourself, your body and/or your soul while moving in yoga poses. A class that allows us to be non-judgmental with ourselves; allowing us to explore with an open heart and open mind as we move the energy in our bodies from pose to pose.

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New to yoga?

New to yoga or to Corinne as a yoga instructor? Here are two free yoga classes for you to try. You can also connect with Corinne on her Youtube channel, where she offers a variety of yoga poses, five-minute flow videos and breathing techniques.


Akashic Yoga

Akashic Yoga

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