Why I Want To Connect With You

Why I Want To Connect With You

Over the past year I have been working closely with coaches and mentors and the most common topic is my “why” – why I want to connect with you. 

I gave this a lot of thought when I first started my business, especially when I was creating my slogan. What I eventually decided on was “connecting you to your body, mind and life force energy.”

What does this mean & how can I help you?

Growing up I have always been interested in sports and other physical activities including playing soccer, figure skating, dancing, basketball, rugby, karate, squash and yoga. I have also been a “migraine warrior” since the age of 13 and have experienced depressed and anxiety as an adult.

I started yoga back in 2001 when my Karate Sensei suggested that I try a yoga class to become more flexible. I tried a variety of different yoga styles and fell in love with Bikram yoga (AKA Hot 26&2). 

Years later when I went through depression, I found comfort in the hot yoga room on my mat. My yoga mat was a place where I did not feel judged – it was ok to sweat out the tears and to just lay there for an entire class if I needed to. Yoga allowed me to start disconnecting from all of the negative thoughts in my head and bring my awareness back into my body. There were times when it was hard for me to be on my mat and I even hated the entire class, but once it was over I always felt a little bit better. Over time, my body not only got stronger and more flexible, but I also started to feel ok and back to normal. 

My Teaching Style

Although I teach a variety of different yoga classes, my methodology is the same – I teach by encouraging students to bring awareness back into their bodies so that they can start to connect to how they move, breathe and feel. I also give permission to students and allow them to make choices in how they want to move. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for those who have experienced any type of trauma, making a choice, even a small one, can be empowering. I love and encourage my students to do what they can for that day without judgement and to allow them to explore how they feel. Some students may complain that my classes may be challenging, but they still leave with a smile on their faces and feeling better than when they had started the class.

Energy Work

Why I Want To Connect With You

When I had anxiety and started having panic attacks, I relied on breathing exercises that I learned from my yoga training. During this period of anxiety and panic attacks, my migraines become worse. I started taking a cocktail of drugs for the pain but found that the drugs did not help and the doctor I was seeing just gave up on me. Desperate to find a solution, I tried Reiki to help me feel calmer, less anxious and less stressed. I found that the sessions improved my stress levels and as a result the migraines becomes less frequent. 

Energy work helps move energy that may be “stuck” in our bodies, making us feel lethargic, pain sensations or even just moody. As the stuck energy start to move, people may start to feel more at peace, calmer or even more relaxed. I knew that Reiki helped reduce the stress I felt and decided that I wanted to help others as well. Reiki, DNA Activations and Thai Yoga Bodywork helps to move stuck energy, opens up the body energetically and makes the body feel better.

Why I Want To Connect With You

Although I love helping people feel better, my main purpose is to build connection with others and to create a community for people interested in yoga and/or energy work. I enjoy watching people not only grow and develop their yoga practice, I love seeing people go past the yoga and learn more about energy work and themselves. 

I enjoy teaching people about Reiki as well as teaching people how to use their Clair senses. I am also able to teach people how to do shadow work and to integrate it into their daily lives. 

It doesn’t matter if you are new at yoga or if you are a mystic interested in DNA Activation, the work I do with you will not only help you learn about yourself and encourage growth, it will also connect you to your body, mind and life force energy. 

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